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    Help with mxmlc ant task


      First of all, I am brand new to Flex, so I might ask something that doesn't make sense at all.  If that's the case, please forgive me


      I am trying to write an ANT script that'll compile .mxml file into .swf, and I think I can use mxmlc ANT task for this


      Let's say we have



      Let's say output is in bin


      Can I write one ant mxmlc task that'll compile both files, and generate




      In essence, I am looking for something similar to javac ANT tasks, where I just specify a source directroy, and an output directory, and javac task will do everything else


      In this example, I have only 2 mxml file

      In the project that I am working on, I need to compile 90+ mxml files, and create 90+ swf files.  I sure hope I don't need 90+ mxmlc tasks, one for each mxml...


      Note that I am a release engineer who is trying to create ANT script.  It's the actual developer who wrote all these mxml files, so I don't know why we need 90+ swf files


      They get these 90+ swf files by building from FlexBuilder GUI.  I am simply trying to mirror what the GUI is doing in ANT




      KK Fong