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    open default program of a document

    ilsh Level 1

      I watched some videos in Adobe MAX and am excited about the new features to be released in AIR 2. AIR 2 will allow a file to be opened by the system default program (e.g. .doc by MS Word), but - to my understanding - AIR 2 doesn't fire an event when the user closes this document. I can give a use case where such an event is very useful:


      say I have an AIR program which can synchronize my local files (say .doc) with a remote server. The user opens the file with MS Word through AIR, and then edits it, and close the document (may or may not quit MS Word). Then the AIR program will upload the new version to remote server. But if AIR doesn't know when the document is closed, when should it start uploading?


      NativeProcess class seems to dispatch EXIT event. Does File has a property like 'defaultApplicationPath' which let developer know where is the default application? Also, does NativeProcess file event such as documentClose (application not exit but document closed)?