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    Flex + BlazeDS

    CaioToOn! Level 3
      Hello, friends!

      I'm new to both Flex and Java.

      I'm trying the most simple tutorials ( http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/articles/blazeds_gettingstarted.html), and doing everything according, but I can't put the Flex working with the BlazeDS.

      I post my doubt on BlazeDS forum, but no one has even answered.

      The question is, when I run my MXML application, I can see through the Firebug that the 404 (not found) error occurs on " http://localhost:8080/myfirst/messagebroker/amf".

      Until now, I don't even know if the problem is on my MXML app, on my Java classes, on the config xml files or in my server.

      Does anyone know where could be the problem? Or could someone point out a beginners Flex + BlazeDS tutorial?

      Thank you,
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          I had tons of problems getting my flexdata app to work, had the same problem as yourself just kept getting page not found and there were no error message so it could have been server, app or code.

          Anyway I ditched the tutorial I was following used a chapter in the "Friends of ED foundation for flex developers" it has a great chapter on flexdata services, it had far more steps than the tutorial and more detail I was using before so I guess I missed something out in the first tutorial I found.

          you might be able to grab the chapter from "certain websties" and preview before you buy but I consider it one of the best flex books on the market.
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            nintendofanboy8 Level 1
            edit**** incidently the chapter was called "introduction to livecycle data services" ;)
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              levancho Level 3
              http://localhost:8080/myfirst/messagebroker/amf is the servlet mapping that should be defined in web.xml
              make sure tomcat is running, blazeDS is deployed and most imporantly try accessing http://localhost:8080/myfirst/messagebroker/amf". with browser, if blazeDS is deployed you get blank page, if not than servlet and or/tomcat is not running

              based on url : http://localhost:8080/myfirst/messagebroker/amf".

              conclusions are following :
              you have webapplication context named "myfirst" deployed inside webapps directory of tomcat,
              (assuming you use tomcat).
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                CaioToOn! Level 3
                Thank you everyone for the reply!

                I figured out what was the problem. When I was doing the tutorial for the first time, I put a destination with the name "tutorial-product" in the XMLs "messaging-config.xml" and "remoting-config.xml".

                So, when I tried to start the server, it crashed, but with my lack of knowledge in Java, only now I've came to realize that I could solve out something by reading the "echos" of the Java Server Initialization...

                Anyway, thank you for the help nintendofanboy8, the book is really good!