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    attachMovie event handlers

    mark bower



      I'm trying to use attachMovie to attach a movieclip to another movieclip. Both the movieclips are set up as buttons (ie. they have _up, _over, _down, _hit states). The problem is if I define event handlers for both mcs, only the event handler on the parent clip works.


      myBtn is already on the stage:


      myBtn.onRollOver = function():Void  {
          this.onPress = function():Void  {
              trace("parent"); //works
          this.chldBtn.onRelease = function():Void  {
              trace("attached Movie"); // doesn't work


      I've tried 'delete this.onPress' for the parent mc but this makes no difference.


      How can I get the attached mc event handler to work?


      Thanks in advance...