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    Hardware to run smoothly


      I am getting the CS4 Master Collection and I am building a new PC to go along so that the software can run smoothly. I am looking at building the following PC and want to make sure before I spend a fortune that it will run nicely. (I want it to be as smooth as possible, not too much stuttering) Sorry if this is very detailed, I just need to make sure:


      Intel® P45SG Skyburg (Extreme Series), Intel® Core™2 Quad, Intel® Core™2 Duo, and Intel® Celeron® processors in the package,1333 MHz / 1066 MHz / 800 MHz FSB Support, Intel® P45 Express Chipset with ICH10D, Intel® Active


      Intel® Core™ 2 Duo® E7600 -3.06GHZ, 3MB Cache, 1066Mhz Front side Bus, Dual-Core Execute Disable Bit, Intel EM64T, Enhanced Intel Speed Step technology, 45NM


      2048MB, 800Mhz, DDR2  240-Pin Memory Module - HYNIX (I am going to have 8 gigs RAM total on the board)

      LG +/- DVD Writer, 22X +R, 16X +R(DL), 8X +RW, 48x CD-R - S-ATA Light Scribe

      X 2 SAMSUNG SATA2 500GB 5400RPM 16MB HDD

      X2 (If motherboard allows for two) LG 22" WIDE TFT LCD, 1680 X 1050, 5 Millisecond, 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, Analogue

      Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit version)

      And I am going to try and get a 1 gig PCI- E Graphics card (Suggestions please )




      Thanks in advance.