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    Index tab pulling in wrong topics

      We are working with a parent and child files. At one time, we had some links in the parent file that lead to a CHM file generated by Sandcastle; however, when we'd try to use the Index tab in the parent file, all the topics from the Sandcastle CHM file showed up...about 400 of them. Obviously we don't want all those topics showing up in the Index; that's not useful. We thought we removed all the remote URL and hyperlinks, but now the external topics are still showing up. Is there an index link or other link hiding in one of the Robo support files somewhere that is holding on to the old links?

      Thanks for any help.
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, millercam, and welcome,

          The index keywords in the child help file will appear in the parent's index if you've configured the parent project to merge in the index and full-text search information from the child at run time. So, you need to check the project settings for the parent and remove the name of the child .chm file from the Merge Files list.