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    Can two Sony ereaders share purchased ebooks?


      I purchased two Sony touch readers (PRS 600) one for my wife and one for myself. We each have our Vista computers and will be purchasing ebooks once we figure out how to do this.


      Will  we be able to set up separate accounts on our computers, purchase the books we are interested in and then later (as we would with any other book we purchase) share them on the other's ereader? I haven't been able to find an answer to the question anywhere yet. I suspect that the problem if it exists will be with the DRM software.


      Hope someone can help as I can see ereaders becoming commonplace, and just like televsions or radios, families will have more than one ereader.






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          Jim Lester Level 4

          As long as you authorize both computers (ADE) and the Sony Readers to the same AdobeID, you will be able to share books seamlessly.  If you authorize them to different AdobeID, you will not be able to share books.

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            cjolyvet Level 1

            Thank you for the information.


            If installing ADE in both computers and authorizing them to the same AdobeID
            will,my wife and I be able to separately download purchased books to our
            individual computers and can either reader be connected to either computer
            to upload the books to the Sony reader?

            Or can books on one computer be copied to the other computer to add to the other computer's 'library' for upload to either of our readers?


            Also will upgrading the Vista computers to Windows 7 affect the DRM on the
            computers / readers? Thinking especially if a clean install is performed.




            Thanks again.