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    Install.xml does not seem to work


      I'm trying to automate installing Adobe Fireworks 10 CS4. I followed the instructions from http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/openoptions/pdfs/manualenterprisedeployment_cs4_help.pdf  to create the install.xml. I CD to my install root folder and run setup.exe --deploymentFile=install.xml . However, I still get the same prompts as I do when installing without the install.xml file. I istill have to choose Trial for my License, still have to Accept the License Agreement, and still have to choose to install All products. What's the point of the install.xml file? Or am I maybe doing it wrong?


      Here is the command I'm using:

      "C:\MyFolder\AdobeFWCS4\Setup.exe" --deploymentFile="C:\My