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    Searching for help {KT_Update1}


      Hi everyone,


      I've created a site in Dreamweaver using ADDT, MYSQL and PHP.

      On my localhost the site works perfect so I decided to go online and trouble started.


      On my site users can update their own profile with an update page.

      After updating and clicking the submit button they are supposed to go to a redirect page like 'your profile is updated' but they end up on a complete blanc page, no errors, nothing, just a white page, while the URL says they are still on the update page. Funny thing is that in the DB their profile IS changed.
      Same thing with the 'forgot_password' page. After inserting their username and clicking the submit button, they are supposed to go to the login page but they don't... right, a complete blanc page while still being, according to the URL, on 'forgot_password.php'

      And again, when checking email, they DO receive a new password.


      As I mentioned, this site works perfectly on my localhost. Could this be a PHP issue? I made the site with PHP version 5.3.0 while my host has PHP 5.2.11

      Following another discussion on this forum about newer PHP versions and ADDT working not well together, I did change some scripts while working on localhost but that was only for the best.


      Thanks in advance!!


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          Lenoirrr Level 1



          This problem only exists in the update transactions.
          I also have two insert forms and they DO redirect to another page after submitting.

          Too me this seems strange because 'insert' and 'update' use the same "Trigger_Default_Redirect" so the difference seems to be in KT_Insert1 and KT_update1.

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            Lenoirrr Level 1



            I tested my site local with the same PHP version my host uses, PHP 5.2.11 and local the site works like a charm!!! Online I keep having the same trouble. I even just now changed my DB out of enormous frustration I guess... nothing helps...


            PS Thanks Günter Schenk for your answer on the blanc page problem but I'm afraid that is not it.

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              Günter Schenk Level 4

              By now I have - like some other users - also installed the "wampserver" (which allows for switching between multiple PHP versions) in order to test the currently available ADDT "PHP 5.3.0 compatible" user-contributed fixes and have to say that some fixes work under certain circumstances, but others don´t and even break more stuff than I anticipated, what´s quite frustrating.


              The issue with trying to make ADDT compatible with PHP 5.3 is: it´s a complex framework with lots of PHP files and heaps of function dependencies which may of course be well reproducible to those who developed ADDT in the first place, but not to us regular users who may have successfully managed to modify one single function in the past, but are now struggling with trying to grasp the "whole thing", what´s probably out of reach.


              As far as I´m concerned, I fear that I´m currently not able to help with any PHP 5.3.0 related ADDT issues