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    Time limited functionality in Flex 3 Trial? Was working, now not.


      Can anyone tell me if SWFs produced using the Flex 3 Trial have time limited functionality?


      I have a SWF created about a month ago that still works perfectly on my local machine, but has stopped working properly on my test site. It still displays correctly but is not submitting form variables via URLRequest.


      The code snippet that is no longer working is below.....  up till a couple of days ago it was working fine.


      No code changes have been made to the SWF or server_url CF action page.



            private function uploadPhoto(imageData:ByteArray):void {
              var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(mx.core.Application.application.parameters.server_url);
              var vars:URLVariables     = new URLVariables();
                  vars.custid                 = custidfield.text;
                  vars.bindata               = Base64.encodeByteArray(imageData);
                  request.method          = "POST";      
              var loader:URLLoader     = new URLLoader();           

                  request.data         = vars;



      On the test site,   the values of ImageData and custidfield.text are definitely there and are displayed on screen. When the URL Request is made... the server_url IS definately called successfully, however  the form variables are not there for processing. I'm using CF to process the form, and doing a <cfdump var="#form#"> shows that the form variables are missing. Then I try on my local machine and everything works.


      Any ideas?