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    Location for Prefs file


      I have a shocked director movie (Director 10) that demonstrates various things using animation, text, and so on.  This movie also has some audio and video clips that can be quite large.  This isn't a problems for those users with broadband access, but for those that have dial-up or slower connections, I provide a CD that contains these audio and video files.  I use setPref and getPref to create a file that inturn, points to those audio and video clips that are installed on the users hard drive.


      The problem that I am having is, the only way to use setPref so that the getPref function works properly in a shocked movie is to call setPref from within a browser--this makes the installation process two steps, one to install the files and the second to create the preference file using setPref.  I want to be able to accomplish this all in one process.  So, the information that I am looking for here is, what is the directory where a shocked director movie writes to.  I know about the funky mixed up folder name where it is randomized, but it seems like the directory structure is different depending on the OS.  I need to be able to find this folder on every Windows OS and write the file to this location without using setPref.  Is there a registry key that holds this location or some other way to get this information from the users system?