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    Styling un-styled copy from word with GREP


      Hi everyone, I'm back already!


      I've been supplied with copy from a copywriter as a word document without any use of styles whatsoever. There is some formatting applied but only in the form of bolding titles.


      I've managed to write some find and replace GREP commands to eventually get things formatted but it's cumbersome and unreliable.


      If you look at the screen grab attached you can see the styled up copy in InDesign and the imported word copy as it comes in beneath it. There are two main things I need to achieve, firstly I need to change the Paragraph Breaks in paragraph 3 so that they become Forced Line Breaks and secondly I need to be able to assign each numbered paragraph its own style. I think it needs to happen in this order.


      Is there a grep command or script that can be written which could safely/reliably whizz through hundreds of these and apply the correct styles based on certain conditions?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.