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    Removing the "rank" column entirely and skipping the SHOW step

    adrianaharper Level 1

      Hi all,


      Apologies in advance if this has been answered... I found a post about re-sizing the rank column but not about removing it... When I produce webhelp there is a "rank" column when you search for something. Can I delete that column altogether so that the search results just appear in a nice, wide column?


      And when mapping topics so that they can be opened from a webpage, when the mapped link is clicked on the page opens with a link called SHOW at the top  - when you click on it, the contents, index and search are then displayed at the top of the screen. Can you bypass the "show" step and just have it open with the contents/index/search always showing at the top? This is if I map a topic to open right to the topic not to the whole webhelp project.


      I am using TCS2 on a windows XP machine...