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    CairngormStore bugs

    salfhhhhhg Level 1



           I found two bugs in ModifiedCairngormStore, which i presume apply to original CairngormStore as well. I'd like to share them with U, because I need a solution of one of them I'm alone not capable of finding out. So the first one i need help to fix: when playing a bit with image border (move over and off before effect ends) on the ProductDetails.mxml, the image dispatches move event and moves in upper-left direction. I tried to stopImmediatePropagation(0, but didn't work, probably because it's not cancelable event

           The second bug is when you sort products and then filter by price, the Comparator uses obsolete products because it doesn't reregister them on sort. It's enough to call addComparable on updateComplete of ProductThumbnail.mxml.

      Looking forward to see a solution of a running away image