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    How do you keep your place on the page


      we are trying to go paperless in my office, but the biggest complaint form the user is.


      "Hey when we did this on paper we never lost our place because we put a ruler under the line we were working on. We would stop printing if you can tell us how to to the EXACT same thing with the pdf's"


      to let you know they are looking at scanned imiages that have been locked. so even if i could get them to accept highliting (which they flat out rejected) it does not work with imiages.


      in practice what they really want is a way to throw up semi transpartent box, that would highlight where they currently were, that they could simply use the arrow keys to move up and down the page.


      Does adobe (reader of full) have any function close to this? does some one have a viable alternative? might there be an addon or plug in that achieves this?


      Thank you in advance for your help