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    Create combo box in datagrid from database with different dataprovider




      I'm very new flex and would very much apprieciate some help. I have a datagrid pulling information from a dataprovider. Within this datagrid I need to create a combox pulling values from another dataprovider and save the choosen value back to the db.


      I have created a combo box successfully with the values from the different dataprovider , but when the user chooses a value nothing happens and the combox box goes back to first value.


      I've posted the code below, this could be completely incorrect so please let me know if I should be going in a different direction.



      Code calling within the datagrid -











      dataField="ACTSTATUS" rendererIsEditor="true" editorDataField="value">




















      <mx:ComboBox initialize="outerDocument.addData(event)" prompt="- select an item -" labelField="label"

      change="outerDocument.changeEvt(event)" enabled="


      true" visible="true" /></mx:Component></mx:itemRenderer>


      Code for changeEvt not working  -


      public function changeEvt(event:Event):void {

      //setting item in main datprovider to be choosen value



      for(var i:Number=0; i<modulesList.length; i++)



      if (modulesList[i].SELECTED == true)

      { modulesList[i].ACTSTATUS = event.currentTarget.selectedItem.data




      //attempting to set combo box to choosen value.



      for (var x:Number=0; x<(actionStatusList.length); x++){



      { event.currentTarget.selectedIndex=x;


      taTest1.text=x.toString()+actionStatusList[x].data+event.currentTarget.selectedItem.data+e vent.currentTarget.selectedIndex; }