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    Converting Illustrator Image to Other Format Images?

    lsb4uebay Level 1

      Hi Illustrators,


        I managed to taking an existing photo, traced it to get its profile & got close to the same color schemes on some of my original photos.  Although, I'm still trying to figure out how to get more a 3D affect to represent a cylindrical part on a 2D image & working better with the gradients.


         Once, I complete this process, I want take my newly created Illustrator image & convert it to a '.jpeg', '.tiff' or whatever other image format, but with out the (white) background & be able to control the image size, such as 94x207 or 337x228


           The intent is to take my newly created Illustrator images & replace them with the existing images in another system.  We are hoping we can simply substitute images without having to do a lot of rework, such as resizing them.