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    problem with S-raw from 1Ds mark III and Lightroom 2.5 (ACR 5.5)

      We develop over 100000 Raws per day using Lightroom 2.5 and a Canon 1 ds mark III. For the past six months we have been using the S-raw format for compatibility with our program Workflow. We’ve been having stability problems linked to luminosity, particularly differences in yellows, reds, oranges, and beiges.
      This artefact lightens the whole of the image, which gives us several light densities within the same image series.
      We’ve done several tests with photos shot in S-raw and JPEG simultaneously. The problem does not appear in the JPEGs, or in JPEGs generated by the S-raw format.
      This is why we have concluded that the problem comes from Lightroom’s calculation algorithm for S-raw. This hypothesis is confirmed as the problem is only in Lightroom 2.5 (we’ve tested 5 competing programmes and have not had the same problem).