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    Newbie needs help with xml and action script  Quiz

      I am a total newbie looking for a little help. I have a quiz tutorial and I have muddled my way through doing a quiz in flash / xml. Everything is working fine but I want to change the way it displays the results at the end and I am stuck.

      The tutorial ends the quiz by going to one summary screen and showing the number of correct answers and also the number of incorrect answers. The first code example is as it is in the tutorial.

      I need the quizItems.length so that the quiz will go through all of the 14 questions on the xml page before it does anything else, but after all of the questions have been answered I don’t want it to go to the “SummaryScreen” I want it to go to one or the other screens based on correct or incorrect answers.

      The second part of the code is what I came up with but I can’t figure out where I would put this or how to make it work with the quizItem.length part. OR…even if what I came up with is headed in the right direction.
      I will really appreciate any help at all.