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    Intermittent Problem with MJPEG Files

    Chad Kopec

      Hello, all-


      I've been having some real trouble lately with files that have been captured or rendered using the Blackmagic MJPEG codec.  I do most of my work at 1080 (both i&p) and render effects and After Effects graphics to BM MJPEG AVIs.  On occasion (and the occasions are becoming more frequent), Premiere will render these files as a solid green frame.  The odd thing is, it's very intermittent.  Sometimes even within the file itself (i.e., only some frames will show up as green). The files play fine in any other application (media player, for example).  Often times, the problem won't become apparant until I'm exporting to a file for client review through AME (very conevenient).


      I'm assuming that the files are fine, and it's some sort of media database problem.  I've tried deleting all of the database files and the problem persists, so it could be that it's embedded in the project somehow.  Starting a new project and importing sequences does not solve the problem.  Also, the files will sometimes show frames (with the green/pink effect) from completely different clips, which again makes me think of some sort of database problem.  If I re-import the same clip as a new clip in the project, it still does not display properly.


      The weird thing is, it only seems to happen with these MJPEG files which are essential to my workflow.  Most of my source footage is XDCAM-EX and DVCPro HD which both work flawlessly.  I'd purchase a copy of CineForm, but I can't seem to render effects to the CineForm codec if I'm working on a Blackmagic timeline and CineForm timelines won't display on my Blackmagic hardware (Multibridge Pro).


      Computer is up to specs, Tyan S5396, Dual Quad ES5410s, 16GB RAM, fast raid array for storage.