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    Illustrator CS3 gif troubles.


      Hello. We publish research and the illustrator files get used for both print and the web. Our template is set to 465 pts wide to be put into the indesign files and for the web we blow them up to 600 px wide gifs. Now we've been doing it this way since Illustrator 8 with no problems. We recently upgraded to CS3 and have started having an odd issue with the gifs. Often when making the gif we now find artifacts on the edges of objects. We've discovered that if we change the size to 599px it will go away. And that would be ok, so we started doing it at 599 until we discovered some showing up with the same artifacts. Changing those to 600 or 601 will usually fix it. But we really want to be able to use one size and move on. There are a few people, including contractors, who end up making the gifs. We want to be able to set the process for everyone to use as not all the folks are that savvy about qc-ing the gifs. Also, putting a white box behind the objects is also a fix, but adds unwanted work to the production process.


      I've attached 2 examples. The 600 with the artifacts (look to upper right edge of the pie chart on the right) and the 599 "fixed" file.


      Anyone have any ideas or know of any fixes to this? And no we can't upgrade to CS4 ...



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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          It would be easier to examine with the Illustrator file. Could you post it, zipped, as an attachment?

          Have you tried not scaling in Save for Web? Try scaling the graph up and using an artboard that’s the same size as your final image. You’ll need to scale down the graph in InDesign, but that’s not going to cause artifacts because it’s a vector. As a bonus, the user saving the GIF won’t need to enter scaling information. Nice timesaver since Illustrator, even at version 14, doesn’t save scaling information in S4W presets.

          My philosophy with troubleshooting is, “Simplify.” So by removing the scaling in Illustrator’s awful Save for Web feature, you end up giving Illustrator less to do and, thus, less the screw up.

          BTW: Confusing captions in your graphs. How, exactly, do 80% of mobile phone users not have a mobile phone?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I recommend you have a look at the source files and in particular check the positions of the elements by their numerical values. i get the distinct feeling that you are simply seeing different dithering due to minute discreapncies between files in that regard.



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              jckueter Level 1

              Attached the AI file. Note in making the gifs we do not "clip to artboard" the sourceline provides the width and this way the height can be dynamic.


              Starting with a different template might work. That requires revamping the process a bit and getting a lot of other folks on board but it might we worth testing out.


              RE 80%: those are just the folks with phones that do not have messaging or smart phone capability. I don't write the stuff, I just try to help them present the info. Stacked bars would be better for comparison here, but they love their pie charts ...

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                jckueter Level 1

                Dithering: It seems to be independant of any dithering (or not) settings or the number of colors. Also, since this wasn't an issue in AI CS, 10, and 8 ... it seems the save for web function has gone downhill.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  Change to png format for your purpose.