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    How to insert time at playhead without moving other layers back by hand?

    jezzthisisfull Level 1

      Hi, is there a process by which say 2 seconds can be added to the timeline where the playhead is without having to shift back 2 seconds all the keyframes and edits on other layers by hand?  Can time be inserted so as to easily shift everything to the right of the playhead back in time -- without having to click and drag all of the other layers?


      Thanks (sorry to ask such a basic question...its been a long, long week)

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          There are a few ways you could do this.

          The easiest may be precomposing all of your layers, and applying time remapping (holding time) for your 2 second period.

          Or, splitting your precomposed layer and moving your latter half 2 seconds further down the timeline.

          It really depends on what want to occur during the newly inserted 2 seconds.

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            Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

            Yes, an Insert Edit will place a new layer in the timeline and push back all layers to the end of the added layer. So, if the new layer is 2 seconds in length, all existing layers at that point will be pushed back 2 seconds. Bear in mind that if the existing layers do not end at the CTI/playhead, an insert edit will split them in two, so that the first part is before the new layer, and the second part jumps after the new layer's duration. This happens because After Effects uses layers, rather than tracks as editing applications do. If existing layers end or begin at the the CTI, this won't happen.


            To perform an insert edit, alt-double click a footage item in the project panel, and this will open the footage panel. Pick an In and Out point (use the { and } buttons) for the footage to set duration and then press the Insert edit button (see image below). This will insert the footage item as a new layer at the current time, and push back everything to the new layer's end.




            If you don't want to add a new layer but just create a 2 second gap:


            1. Select All Layers (Edit > Select all, or Control+A on Windows, Command+A on Mac).

            2. Split layers (Edit > Split)

            3. Manually select the "second part" for splited layers and press the left bracket key ("["), so that all these layers move in time so their In points are at the CTI/playhead.