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    Error with missing Xtra


      I'm trying to run a flash object here: http://brainconnection.positscience.com/games/?main=Seq/Seq#.  I have the following problem in both Firefox and IE.


      The first time I arrived at the site (using Firefox) it had the missing plugin icon.  I tried to do Firefox's plugin installation, but as usual it didn't work and offered a manual install.  So I did the manual install the restarted the browser.  When it started, it said something about needing to load something or install something, but I don't remember what it said.


      When I load the page, the flash object shows an Adobe Shockwave placeholder image and I get the message, "Missing shockwave Decompression XTRA".


      Clicking the "Get Shockwave Essentials" link below the flsh object took me back to your install page.  I tried to reinstall, but I got a message saying the system had to be rebooted and I should do that and then try the install.  So I rebooted, went back to the install page, ran the install program again and got the same message about rebooting.


      Any ideas?