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    Security Warning on submitForm() in folder level




      I am lost.


      I encapsulated a submitForm() call in a trusted function in a folder level script to disable the security warning (The document is trying to connect to...). The trusted function is then called from a document level script.


      If I add the corresponding code to the document open action by using Adobe Pro 9, save the document and run it, the form data is transmitted without raising the warning. This is exactly what I want.


      If I add the same code to documents with the help of iText or PDFBox for some documents the warning pops up and for others not. This is strange because the folder level script and by that the code which calls submitForm() which raises the warning is the same for all documents.


      Does anybody has an idea how to resolve this issue? Is it possible that the different behaviour has something to do with the pdf version of the document?


      Or even better is there another way to disable the warning?


      Thanks in advance,