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    vertical space between labels

      I have some labels alligned like this.

      <mx:HBox width="100%" >
      <mx:Label text="Proteins" fontSize="10" height="16"/>
      <mx:Label text="{numberFormatter.format(items.currentItem.proteins)}" fontWeight="bold" height="16" />
      <mx:HBox width="100%">
      <mx:Label text="Carbs" fontSize="10" height="16" />
      <mx:Label text="{numberFormatter.format(items.currentItem.carbs)}" fontSize="10" height="16"/>

      But my problem is that the space between the lines is very big

      Proteins 10

      Carbs 20

      I want to get the 2 lines closer to eatch other like
      Proteins 10
      Carbs 20

      how do I do that?
      If I just make the label height smaler that 16 the text gets cutt of from the bottom and up.

      Should I use somethng than label?