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    Bclk setting for i7 920 overclocking

    mtechman Level 1

      I have read Harms write up overclocking, he simply sets the BCLK multiplier to 172 and leaves all other setting as auto.

      On the Asus P6T forum they suggest



      Base Clock





      DRAM Freq. MHz



      UCLK Freq.  MHz



      QPI Freq. MHz

      CPU i7 920


      Freq. GHz

      CPU i7 940


      Freq. GHz


        8 <> DDR3-1336

      16 <> 2672

      18 (36) <> 6012

      21 <> 3.50

      23 <> 3.84


      Hrams setting give a little higher CPU freq.

      So my question is does a BCLK multiplier on 167 mean all the other CLK multipler cant use auto and need to be mannally set,

      Ans that a  BCLK multipler of 172 can use auto which make it much easier?


      I want to overclock on the more conservative side.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you want a bit more conservative overclocking these settings are quite nice. Leaving the uncore at the standard 2.66 GHz, but the core with turbo mode on at 3.5 GHz and at the same time using the maximum DDR3-1333 speed is quite safe and will result in a much more snappy machine in comparison to the standard BCLK of 133. BTW, the difference between BCLK 167 and 172 is negligent. Just to be safe, monitor your load temperatures at default settings and then again after overclocking. I don't expect any significant changes, a couple of degrees at most, but if your temperatures are too high, have a closer look at your cooling.