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    PLEASE HELP! "showall" publishing problem


      Hey everyone. I'm trying to finish up my website made in flash cs3 using actionscript2. At first, when I uploaded my published html and swf to my server, the swf always appeared to the left side of the browser window even though it was set to center and, regardless of the apparent "showall" setting, also appeared to big to fit in the window when I tried to view it on a lower resolution setting. By writing a new html file with the swf embedded into a table, I fixed the centering problem but every attempt at getting it to scale down for lower resolutions fails. I've tried imbedding code in the fla and in the html. Is it possible? Also I have a custom size swf at 1008 X 672. Is this why it's not working? Any help would be GREATLY apprieciated. Thanks.