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    PHP, FlashVars and Wordpress


      Trying to pass FlashVars into my Flash document which is embedded on a wordpress page.  To some extent it is working.


      Just seeing if anyone knows why $myvariable wont get passed into Flash via Flash Vars.  To get it in there, I have to copy the entire PHP script and paste it in there.


      blah blah
      $myvariable = "some php value"
      echo $myvariable

      That will show the results some php value on my page.

      Now if I have Flash in there and I want to put that value from $myvariable into Flash I should be able to do in the object and embed tag kind of like this

      <param name=FlashVars value="name=<?php echo $myvariable?>"

      The problem is at the point, it doesn't know what $myvariable is. IF I put that entire php code in there it works.

      How can I get it to just use the variable?

      I have tried in front of the php and throughout but can't get it to work.