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    Obejcts moving when saved in legacy format from CS4



      This is a problem that happens from time to time.

      When i save that was made and worked on in CS4, in a legacy format (usually CS3, or CS). It moves some of my objects. (not all).

      It randomly picks a group of object, and moves them.


      This has happend with pictures placed in files, and also with symbols placed on the file.


      Any idea how i can make it stop, as some of this symbols are very point specific and on busy files, and this is a major conern.




      Oh this happens on both vista, and XP platforms.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Random would be, if the same document produces different placement under the same circumstances and using the same steps. Different docs showing these issues is a whoile different matter, but even then, as someone who's quite involved with software development, I do not believe much in arbitrary occurances of some things. So the question is, what actually your files contain and how they are organised. More specifically I tend to think that these issues are connected to how deeply those elements are buried in the hierarchy and thus how their transforms may not be correctly translated, for symbols, also the alignment/ registration point of the symbol may matter. So I would definitely check those things. the rest could certai8nly be better answered, if you posted some of those files in both versions - CS4 native and then the CS3 downsave.