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    Eliminate Blank Page when printing


      I am printing a pagemaker document on an HP Color Laser Jet 5500. I am using Pagemaker 7.0.1 on Windows XP Professional. My document is a 3 page document. When I print, I get an extra blank page with "%DeleteMe" printed in the top left corner. Can anyone tell me how to STOP this? I would also like to print the 2nd & 3rd page back to back. Can't figure out how to do it. Any advise?

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          From the AdobeForums PM FAQs:



          8.11 - "%deleteme" printed on extra page

          John Davies - 05:42am Dec 24, 2003 Pacific

          When you print from PageMaker, an extra page is printed with only the text "%deleteme" on it.


          John Davies - 5:44am Dec 24, 03 PST (#1 of 1)


          There are two theories behind this.


          1. You have at one time composed/saved/printed your publication to a PostScript printer (e.g. created a PDF) and have now recomposed/saved/printed to a PCL printer (probably an HP LaserJet). The "%deleteme" page is a result of traces of the old printer driver/formatting.


          I believe it is possible to output the printer data to file, clean it up, re-save and then the pages will print correctly.


          Here are the details:


          Step 1:

          Print > Options > Write PS to file.


          Step 2:

          Open the PS file in a text editor (e.g. Editplus) then delete everything above /setpacking... (So that the line that is /setpacking... is the first line in the file.)


          Step 3:

          Go to the end of the document, then delete everything after %%EOF - (so that %%EOF is the last line of the document).


          Step 4:




          2. The other theory is that it is an early warning of file corruption, and that copying all the text and images to new blank PM pages cures it. This certainly works, though whether there is actually corruption is a moot point, and for long publications that takes a lot of time.



          Iechyd da! John
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            SOILADY Level 1

            Big John,

            Thanks for your help. I just created a new document, copied and pasted the

            information into the new document. That worked.

            I had made the original pmd into a pdf last year. Then I saved the original

            pmd document as a New pmd document, made changes to the New document and

            then tried to print the New Pagemaker document. That's when I was getting

            the "delete me" page.

            I tried the suggestions you sent (about the ps document). But I was trying

            to print the PMD document not the ps or pdf document. So changing the ps

            document didn't seam to effect the pmd.



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              Norris Long

              Thanks for the clue of creating a new file.  I had a 28 file book which kept printing an extra blank page at the end of each file until corrected with new beginning file.  I had converted the first file to pdf, so that was the problem.