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    Lens Flare!


      I have searched the forums for a solution to my problem and still havnt found a definitive answer yet.

      Mac OS10: Photoshop CS3, Flash CS4

      I am trying to create a lens flare with a transparent background, import it into Flash and tween the image. Not easily done!!!

      I could make a bunch of files with the lens flare (in Photoshop) in different verticle positions to achieve movement, but this creates 2 problems

      1: enormous cpu load when animating it in Flash

      2: whatever is behind the lens flare will be obstructed by the (black) background.


      Transparency, Transparency, Transparency!!!

      The lens flare needs to be crisp on the animation, as if it were created in Flash. (i want to create the lens flare in Photoshop though). It would look a hell of a lot better if it were tweened in flash also. Is there an extension that i can use in Flash? If not, how do i get transparency in Photoshop? If i cant achieve that, how do i get transparency and movement in Flash.


      Please Help!