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    Embed SWF in PDF does not print correctly

    Michal Cech

      Hi guys !


      If I put swf into PDF (for example in Adobe InDEsign CS4 or manually sripted in TextEditor), pdf rendered correctly with active SWF, but If I try to print it, SWF is missing. Do you know any solution or workaround?


      Printing from SWF'spopupmenu is correct, but only form SWF, not for whole document (it's clean), but it is not solution.


      I tried to directly edit postcript generated by CS4. There is annotation object /Type /Annot where we can set attribute /F 4 (it is enable/disable print this annotation). This does not work.


      Can you help ? I didn't find solution in adobe reference  Adobe® Portable Document Format Version 1.7




      P.S. sorry for my English, it will not be better