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    Is there a way?  Could there be?  I wonder...


      I am trying to figure out how to do a 'per-item' fill for OHLC Style Chart for
      color of stroke for bar to be green when Close is greater than Open and Red for
      vice versa. The FillFunction is not support for OHLC Charts and I have tried to
      create my own but it displays only the color for the last bar for all of them,
      not per item...

      private function fillPlot(): void
      for (var i:int=0;i<mainData.length-1;i++)
      if (mainData.getItemAt(i).Close < mainData.getItemAt(i).Open)
      if (mainData.getItemAt(i).Open < mainData.getItemAt(i).Close)

      Any ideas?