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    Reader 9.2

    Newbie Julie Level 1

      Can't open pdf files in Workspace using Reader 9.2. Getting this error "The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running cannot be used to view PDF files in a Web Browser. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again. I also have Acrobat 8.1.6 on my workstation but Reader always opens by default.


      Is this a Reader problem or an Internet Explorer problem? We have just updated all the computer at our locations from Reader 7 to Reader 9 and if any of those do the update from Reader 9.1.2 to Reader 9.2 then we will have serious problems when we go production in a month with our new eForms.


      I would appreciate any advice to resolve this problem.


      Thanks much -- Julie

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          1. Check the server log file to locate exact technical issue.




          2. Using Task manager, terminate the Adobe Reader Process.

              - Open the Acrobat manually

              - Now open the workspace and open the form

          This will confirm you that the problem is only with Adobe reader or somewhere else.



          If you find the exact issue, drop an email to Adobe support.