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    How to have Adobe Reader watch my changing PDF file and update accordingly?


      I generate PDF files by several methods such as LaTeX and PostScript
      programs and view them with the excellent Adobe Reader or Adobe
      Acrobat Professional.  When I create a new PDF I want the Adobe Reader
      to realize that the file has changed and to update the display while
      keeping on the same page.  How do I do this?


      Note:  The functionality to watch a file is in my atchange program
      (http://alum.mit.edu/www/toms/atchange.html).  Atchange watches a file
      and then does something for me.  I can have it pop up a new Adobe
      Reader once the new PDF has been generated, but after a while my
      screen is covered with old versions and deleting them is quite a
      chore.  Having Adobe Reader update automatically every second (for
      example) would be a great time saver.