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    parentSandboxBridge Help



      I just don't understand how this parentSandboxBridge is supposed to work.

      I tried to follow the instructions online in the documentation. However, I can't get it.


      What I want to do, is make it so my external website can call a javascript function on my air application.


      I thought this is what the parentSandboxBridge was supposed to do.


      In my iframe I add the following:

      documentRoot="app:/sandbox/"             sandboxRoot="http://www.mywebsite"

      And in the javascript I set the parentSandboxBridge stuff...

      var interface = {}; interface.test = "this is a test"; } document.getElementById("child").contentWindow.parentSandboxBridge = interface;

      I then tried calling that info like this in the external html file


      No luck...

      Any help or better tutorials would be great!