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    PPRO CS4 no sound from program monitor

    davestuartturner Level 1

      Hi all,


      I had been using PPRO CS4 perfectly for a year when all of a sudden 2 weeks ago i lost all sound from program / source monitors even though on either imported video or captured video from numerous sources, there were wave forms in the timeline and audio registering on the master meters.  I checked everything and jumped on vatious forums trying a lot of fixes.  In the end I reinstalled 3 days ago.


      I now have sound in source monitor and if I create an edit I can play the sequence if dragged into the source monitor with sound just fine, if i export sound is fine and if i use the sequence preview in the top left, sound is fine.  However, I have no audio in the program monitor tho once again there is a wave form and the audio meters register audio playing back.


      Any help greatly appreciated.









      PPro CS4

      4GB Ram


      1GB GPU

      External raid setup