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    do I have everything I need?

    DavidMcDivitt Level 1

      I have Adobe Pro 9.2 and Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.1. I want to create a program generated PDF that meets accessibility standards. I don't want any forms! I'm sick and tired of Adobe forms! All I want to do is generate PDF output. Do I have what's necessary? Thanks

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          Hodmi Level 4

          Since you posted this question in the LiveCycle Output ES forum can we assume that you have the LiveCycle ES server installed as well?


          You say you don't want any forms, so what is your PDF?  Is it just a document (like something you would create in Word)?  If so then why are you using Designer ES - thats a form design tool.


          You say you want to programatically create your PDF.  Can you elaborate on that a bit?  Are you looking for a set of APIs that will create a PDF from scratch?  Or are you looking to populate a pre-generated PDF template with data?


          What do you want to do with your output?  Are you doing a server side print, merging data and flattening, creating an archive document, etc.?

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            DavidMcDivitt Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. What I want is a formless PDF, like a report. This can be created natively by the web application, or it can be processed on the Adobe Server by way of a template. I don't care. I'd like to know what the best approach is to include accessibility. If a PDF is created natively I don't think it can have accessibility. I haven't seen anything to do that. So that means Adobe Pro or LiveCycle Designer must be used and a template made.


            When they bought the Adobe stuff they didn't know the difference between a form PDF and a plain PDF. I'm hoping either Adobe Pro or LiveCycle Designer will make a formless PDF template. I'm also looking for any other solution.

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              Hodmi Level 4

              The LC Designer tool includes all of the bits you need for creating an accessible (its got the section 508 compatible stuff).  The result is a template to which you will add data (i.e. your report data).