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    CS4 Reinstalation


      Hi, I'm planning on uninstalling then reinstalling premiere pro but one of the things I wasn't to sure about is weather or not it will still have the activation code entered or will I need to re enter it.


      And thats it so it should be pretty easy




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          SFL46 Level 3

          Make sure you deactivate the CS4 suite before you de-install.  You will need to re-activate once you complete re-installing.  Buit if you don't de-activate, you will be told that a version is already active and that you must de-activate first--but of course, you no longer have the installation.  Do it first!

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            icecream841 Level 1

            How do i go about deactivating it?


            Where is the program or place that allows me to do so it said something about a third party program, but I haven't been able to locate it...


            And thank you very much for your help


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              SFL46 Level 3

              In the help menu drop-down, you'lll find the activate and deactivation tasks.  If you installed one of the Adobe CS4 suites--you usually only need to deactivate one program in the suite--the rest will also be deactivated.  You might want to check.  If the program is deactivated, the deactivate fuction will be greyed out.


              I'd like to make a suggestion to you.  Your question implies that you need to spend some time with the manual.

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                icecream841 Level 1

                Thank you again,

                I probably should spend a little more time in the manual....