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    Cg 3 - Wiki and Doc's

    tinylion_uk Level 2

      HI guys,


      Firstly I'd like to say how pleased I am with what I've seen of Cg 3 so far (although maybe calling it Cg3 is a little misleading)


      Anyway, my request.


      Seeing as the documentation is a work in progress, would it be possible for a notification to be posted here when anything new is added or updated?


      Keeping track of what's happening with the doc's is, at present, a case of just searching through and seeing if anything has changed.


      For all I know, nothing has been added ore changed yet, and a notification system may already be set-up, but if not would it be possible. The same way we get a notification when the Flex 4 wiki main page has been updated. Also, would it be possible to suffix the link titles with a date (again just as another way to help us keep up to date with anything new)


      I know, when something is in development, thinking about these sorts of things is a pain, but I think it would be a real help.


      Anyone else have an opinion?


      cheers and great work so far.