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    Colors look radically different


      Sorry if this is such a newbie question…without fail, whenever I find a theme I like, it looks completely different on my system. I can either re-create the color using cmyk or rgb values in Illustrator OR import the theme, and the colors always look different from what I see looking at them on the kuler website. Using CS3, 24" iMac v10.5.8.




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          Yeah, I am seeing the same thing.  When I build a palette in Illustrator and then enter the exact same color values in Kuler to build/save a palette, the colors look very different.  And from what I can tell, the Illustrator versions are much more accurate.  Another interesting thing, I have 2 monitors calibrated to match, and can drag items from one to the other with very little color shift ... but when I drag a Kuler page (or even a screen capture of a kuler page), the colors shift dramatically from one monitor to the other.  Very strange.