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    Need to Delete Glossary & Add Search


      Hi All,


      After converting my RH7 project to RH8, RH added a Glossary tab (which is empty, by design because we don't use them) and removed the Search tab. I am trying to remove the Glossary tab, but the Delete option is greyed out. I deleted the .glo file from the project folder and reopened the project, but all that did was give the Glossary file a red X. I have searched this forum, but no one else seems to have this problem.


      Can anyone help me permanently delete the Glossary from my project?


      I also can't find how to add back the Search tab. Can anyone help me with that, too?


      (If these are simple tasks, I apologize in advance. I've onlly been using RH for a few months.


      Thank you for your help!!