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    Hopefully a simple question


      I would like to ask a simple question. Problem is I am a Noob of sorts, so I apologize if I am in the wrong place or haven't searched all the forums here to figure out which one is the proper one for my question.


      I am a Web Developer. Sorry, no I don't develop Flash Based websites. I have a very large collection of "free" flash players. What I mean by flash player is this:



      #<all the html,css, js and php,,,etc.>


      #<script type="text/javascript">
      #            MyPlayerFile = "My_swiff_file.swf";
      #            FileURL = "/flash_dir/my_movie.flv";
      #            ImageURL = "my_movie_splash.jpg";
      #            playerSize = "720x480";
      #            Action = "play";
      #   </script>
      #   <script type="text/javascript" src="My_Player_javascript.js"></script>


      #<more html and stuff



      Now I get that the "swf" is an object that the flv "plays through" and that the 'js' file is the client side script that controls the behavior of said player.



      Hers's the simple question:

      What Program, IDE ,etc.. do I get to design and create, comple... whatever,,, my own 'swf" file (ie: player)?


      Please keep in mind that I am not interested in all the cool programs and all the cool things that all the Adobe Suites can do. Just the one that does this.


      Give you another example. Yes if you want to make "windows programs" you can go to MS and buy what ever their current  suiteis  like MS Visual C++. Or you could get a C++ compiler and make all the .h and .c etc files and "make" it yourself!


      So what Adobe Program do I get that comes with the tools to make a "flv1, h.264" player?


      Thank you for being kind and merciful in advance!