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    adding buddies / chat request

      Hi Guys,

      I have a mini instant messenger going and Im struggling to find out how to add buddies where the message comes through as some kind of pop up alert asking the user to accept the request or decline it. Is this possible with flex data services and just flex using the producer and consumer? Is there some line I need to add to my chat destination in my web inf? . If anyone can point me in the direction of a tutorial or provide a sample it will be greatly appreciated
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          SujitG Level 2

          You can try setting the headers of the message. You can set a header like "userrequest" and check for this header when the message is received on the client side and do the necessary stuff like showing the pop up asking for the user to accept or not. If the user accepts you can may be then manage the list of buddies on the client/server based on your requirement.

          The catch is to use the headers to differentiate message types.

          Hope this helps.