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    Is there a version that will let me resize the anchor points?


      I've recently begun using illustrator again,(9), after a long time away from it, but it didn't take me long to remember why I stopped using it. Sometimes it takes only minutes before I'm in a frothing at the mouth rage at not being able to grab the xk@#%&! anchor points and handles. I often have to try grabbing one 6 or more times to get it without either selecting the whole path (even though I'm using the empty arrow selector), or grabbing the line instead, and having it go flying off where I don't want it. If I'm trying to delete a point, or convert it, of course, I not only can't grab it, but each time I try, I also have to click off the infuriating message telling me I have to click on a point, or I can't try again. The only place I found that might have an influence on this behavior let me change the pixel distance from the point that will be "live", and I have it set at 15 pixels - that should be plenty!  Zooming doesn't enlarge the points, either, just makes it so that I have to go back and forth in zoom sizes so that I can see what I'm doing. Same with the outline view.


      So, you may have realilzed I'm a bit worked up at the moment - I've just given up on a drawing - and I wonder if there is a newer version of Illustrator that allows resizing the anchor points and/or handles?


      Thanks for any help. ...Harriet