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    Multiple Menu Items


      I have Premiere Elements 7. I have two movies that i have edited separately with Elements and saved under two different files. I would like to burn one disc with both movies on it. How do I do this?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          There are two ways to do this, that are similar.


          If you have an SD DVD-Video planned, I would Export/Share each Project as a DV-AVI Type II file, and then in a new Project, Import each of these into it.


          The option would be to only Export one, and then Import that into the other. Personally, I'd keep the two original Projects separate and intact, and work with a third - the combined Project.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Most likely you'll want your DVD menu set up to play these videos as if they were two separate movies.


            The key is to line them both up on the same timeline, one after another, but to put a DVD STOP marker between them. This will send your viewer back to the main main once the first movie plays -- where they can then click the button to see the second movie.

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              from_rumjhum Level 1

              Well I'd agree with the solution provided by the_wine_snob. It would solve your problem.

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                day by day

                I want to do the same thing as theEndCM--put two short authored movies together on one DVD. I think I understand what the_wine_snob meant about sharing/exporting each of the two movies as avi files and then importing them both into a third project. There would only be one Main menu which would be created for the third project to choose which movie and all the scene menu markers would be lost unless they were recreated in the third project. But still there would be only one Scene Menu to cover both movies--right?


                I'm not sure what you meant about sending the viewer back to the "main main once the first movie plays." I don't see a way to have three Main Menus? (1) A Main Main Menu where the viewer can select Movie #1 or Movie #2, then have a Main Menu for each of those movies with separate Scene Selection Menus.  Is such a thing possible and how do you do it?


                This may be absurd, but could one open two instances of Adobe Premiere Elements and copy the timeline with scene markers of a movie into a new project, then close the first movie and open the second movie and copy the second timeline to the new project? Wishfully, there would be a way to create a Main Main Menu to select which of the two movies to play . . . and after making that selection the viewer would be taken to that movie's Main Menu and could operate that movie and its Scene Menu as though it were the only movie on the disk. That way each movie could retain it's particular theme. There would be a DVD STOP at the end of each movie to take the viewer back to the Main Main Menu. Is such an outlandish idea possible?


                Thanks for your patient indulgence.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  There would only be one Main menu which would be created for the third project to choose which movie and all the scene menu markers would be lost unless they were recreated in the third project. But still there would be only one Scene Menu to cover both movies--right?


                  You are correct on the Scene Markers. They would need to be recreated for the new Project. Remember, we now have a new Project with two movies and then unique Chapters in each. Even if one had the DVD Menu Markers for the Chapters in the separate Project, they would no longer relate to the combined Project.


                  One concern that I would have is the semi-automatic Menu creating and linking in PrE. In a full-featured authoring program, one could do any sort of Menu navigation desired, using how ever many Menus (Buttons on the Main and Scene Selection Menus) would be necessary. PrE handles regular Menus, but cannot handle intricate links and specialized Menus. A program like Sony's DVD Architect would be much better for this. I use Adobe Encore, but it's only shipped with PrPro now, so you cannot just buy it. It handles intricate Menus and advanced linking perfectly, though ALL Menus and linking must be done by hand - there is no semi-automation.


                  Good luck,



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                    day by day Level 1

                    Thanks, Hunt.

                    I'm such an amateur that I've never give the professional programs a thought. But since I did desire more advanced menu navigation, maybe I'm advancing!

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Most users of PrE are just fine with the limited authoring capabilities. The program makes production of a DVD pretty easy. However, with that ease comes limitations. After a bit, many want to add other features to their DVD's, such as Play First, where an intro AV file is played before the Main Menu. Or, they want to be able to access scenes in a non-linear order. Or, they want much more control over the look and functionality with their Menus. That is when it becomes time to look to a full-featured authoring program. While I have never used any version, many users really like Sony's DVD Architect. It obviously offers much more control, though it still "helps" one to build a DVD. Programs, like Encore, are for full manual authoring, and some do not wish to get that involved. It just depends on what one wishes to do, and how much they want to get "under the hood," to do it.


                      Good luck,



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                        day by day Level 1

                        Hunt, thank you for responding again. I did look at the Encore bundled with Premiere Pro which is way too technical and too expensive for home movies of my grandchildren. Adobe Premiere Elements is fine for putting my video clips into a movie, but I have been frustrated at its menu limitations. I wish I had the tools to design my own custom themes--titles and menus, or at least make it easier to modify the canned ones. I am definitely one of those people who wants total control with easy features.


                        I looked for Sony's DVD Architect that you mentioned and found DVD Architect Studio 4.5. It is reasonably priced, and they have a free trial download. I'll give it a try. Again thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction to get more of what I want.

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          And don't forget to check out my DVD Architect book on Amazon if you want to know how to master the program!


                          (You can also check out my free "basic training" tutorial series on the products page at Muvipix.com)

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            I looked back up thread to see if we'd made these suggestions, but could not find them. It so, just ignore.


                            The Muvipix site has two things that might help you:


                            Additional custom PrE Menu Sets


                            Steve's tips on doing the modification, probably in PSE, though PS should work almost identically. The Muvipix site is three level, in that one can post/read the Community fora, as a guest. With a simple free sign-up, they can post/read and access a lot of free stuff, plus for a price, download all other content. Last, there is the subscription, which opens everything up for free. It took me about 3 mins. to realize that if one did want to download the premium content, a subscription would pay for itself in moments.


                            Because of that semi-automatic method of Menu usage, one has more things to consider, when doing the modifications of existing Menu Sets for use in PrE, but once you know which conventions you MUST follow, it becomes easy. Just did a Project in Encore yesterday, and I had six Menus: one Main and five sub-Menus (Scene Selections). I took a Library Menu and customized it, then used it as my "template" to do the Scene Selection Menus. Two were customized, and the other three were used complete. With Motion and Audio on all, it took about 45 mins. to get them all exactly as I wanted, with the exact Chapter names, which did differ from the names of my Sequences due to spacial limitations. This also mad linking a piece-o-cake, as I changed the Button names too, so I was not trying to decide what linked to Button 1 on Sub-Menu 4. It beat doing a handwritten flowchart. Now, PrE would have done most of that automatically, eliminating say the Back Button, on my first Scene-Selection Sub-Menu, etc. I had to do that by hand in Encore & PS. Along with the power comes the extra handwork.


                            Good luck, and do check out both Sony's DVD Architect and also Steve's book on it. Some day, I need to pick up both, just to educate myself, even though I have the authoring base covered by Encore and Photoshop.