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    Widescreen Settings


      I am somewhat of a new user to Premiere Elements 7.0.  I have a standard definition camcorder.  It has the ability to shoot in 16:9.  I would like to get the final product, .mov, to show in widescreen.  It is primarily shown on a projection screen that has 4:3 aspect ratio.  I selected widescreen settings in the beginning and at the end, expecting there to be black spaces above and below the movie.  However, I also have black bars on the right and left sides of the movie as well, so it looks very small.  My expectation is to get the movie to reach the edge of the screen.  However, I do not know what I am doing wrong.  I do not know what the difference is in the beginning of the different types of 16:9 ratios and in the interpreting of the footage.


      I am using the free Quick Time movie player to play the videos.


      Thanks for your time!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Let's go back a bit. Did you set the camera to film in Widescreen, 16:9 w/ PAR = 1.2 (for NTSC)?


          If so, did you start your New Project as a Widescreen Project and then Capture from your camera? If not, please list your settings and your exact steps.


          Now, what were your Export/Share settings?


          Also, QT Player has some issues with Standard vs Widescreen material. Have you looked into forcing QT Player to display Widescreen?


          Good luck,



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            rkramon2007 Level 1

            My camera is a consumer camcorder.  I only have the option of full screen or wide screen video shooting.  I'm not sure as to which wide screen setting I need to choose when I set the file up initially, but I tried them all (to the best of my knowledge).  I didn't capture it from the camera, I used the sd card to upload the video files to the computer.


            Export settings, 1280*720, 29.97 fps, prgressive 24 bit color.  quality 100, bitrate settings at 3,000 kbps per second


            This produces black bars on the left and right of the screen.  I'm not sure how to "force" quicktime player to play in widescreen.

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              rkramon2007 Level 1

              The only setting on my camera still leaves bars on the left and right hand side.  I'm using NTSC-HDV-HDV 720p 30.  That widescreen is wider than what my camera records at.