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    Running optimizer of custom RSL prevents digest match

    christopher.mina Level 1

      For automation purposes, I am compiling an application using command line compiler, and compiling a custom library using flexbuilder 3.  When I compile the entire application and copy the library.swf from the unpackaged .swc to the correct deploy location, all is well.  However, when I run the command line RSL optimizer on library.swf, suddenly I get an #1001 error:


      Flex Error #1001: Digest mismatch with RSL

      {the URL to my library file}

      Redeploy the matching RSL or relink your application with the matching library.


      I've looked all over, at every bit of documentation, but can't seem to understand why running the optimizer using the same flex sdk as I use to compile the app, might invalidate the digest. 


      If I use compiler option -verify-digests=false then the app loads well, but since I'm also using framework RSLs, I don't want to do this for production purposes. 


      Please respond if you have any ideas.