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    Getting overflow converting ratio error -need help!


      On importing large mp4 file getting overflow converting ratio error 17::18 over and over. File is 218MB at 23.97fps.  AVC video codec AAC audio. Tried to use interpret footage/ main and got it to work by using guess 24pa pulldown which shortend the footage from 51min to 45min, cutting  the end off footage.  Also that changed what's called the effective frame rate to 19.176fps  Pixel aspect ratio non-square 0:96:1.  What's happening? Why does AE chop off the end and why overflow converting error. I previously imported 179MB AVI file no problem. I've seen this problem discussed all over the web and no one has come up with definite solution. Changing the frame rate to an even 24fps just does the same thing cuts off the footage. Please help.

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          It's a mismatch in the timecode of the file vs. the actual frames contained in it which in particular may depend on your pa pulldown and how this is distributed across the GOPs. I suppose it's something with the way the file in question was recorded whne, as you say, otehrs worked before. Hard to say. As a workaround, you might try importing the file in Premiere and then send it to AE by importing the Premiere timelien as a DynamicLink item. That sometimes helps. Short of that, converting the file may be the only way to get this working perfect, but I'll wait for the otehrs to chime in... After all, I don't even have an AVCHD cam and only have to resort to other people's clips for some hands-on experimentation .



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            I had this issue and it had nothing to do with timecodes. It was a PNG graphic that was in the timeline. Not sure why there was an issue. It was in the timeline for several minutes. I just made a duplicate and started it over from that point. Problem solved.

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              Yes, this error applies to multiple conditions, but in the specific case it would be pointing to the footage frame rates. For more details about possible causes, check my page:




              If you have anything to add that may benefit otehr users experiencing the same problems, just contact me.