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    Editing the Skin in Notepad

    tunlaw Level 1

      For good reasons (foreign language work-around), I cannot edit my skin directly in RH.  Which WebHelp files (i.e., in whdata, whgdata or whxdata?) relate specifically to the skin?  For example, to edit a compiled index, I know that I can go to whidata.htm, etc.  Which file corresponds to the skin?  


      Thanks very much.  I hope that question makes sense.

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5



          What do you mean with:

          Which file corresponds to the skin?

          The source files of the skin are in the !SkinsubFolder!, but that is before you compile the help. After that, there's no specific file that controls the skin, but several files work together. The Webhelp is basically a frameset with lots of files that make the bars and the help topic. The file you need to edit, depend on the effect you want to achieve.


          A short (not complete) list of files:


          whskin_frmset01.htm: controls the position and size of the navbar and the help topic

          whskin_mbars.htm: controls the top buttons

          whtdhtml: the TOC

          whi*.htm: the index (there are three files working together with several js files, of which whihost.js and whutils.js are the most important for skinning)

          whf*.htm: the search (also with several script files)

          whg*.htm: the glossary (idem dito)

          The opening file of your project (for skinning to set the height and position of the button bar and the navpane & topics (grouped together in this file).

          and so on...


          So the question is: What do you want to change?





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            tunlaw Level 1

            Thank you for this very useful information.


            I am trying to add custom buttons (Print and Previous Page).  I have it working in another project, so I can compare the files between the two if I know which files to compare.


            I am also trying to delete one index keyword.  I deleted its reference from whidataX.htm but there must be other pointers, because that didn't make it go away.


            Thank you again.